Tuesday, March 4, 2014


we had a small dinner to celebrate chris's birthday yesterday, so naturally i had to make a cake. this year i decided to make a shark to go along with some other aquatic themed gifts. here's how i did it:

i made two cakes in different sized bowls and one cake in a flat round cake pan and cut them at an angle to make the head look like it was coming out of the water. i steadied the cake by adding wooden rods down through the top to the base.

while i was sculpting the shark my caking-partner-in-crime, andrea, worked on making teeth out of white fondant. i stuck toothpicks in the ends of each 'tooth' so they would stick into the cake once it was time to add them to the head.

i started with the base colors then added details and the jagged teeth. we finished it off by painting red food coloring 'blood' to the ends of the teeth.

shark cake

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