Tuesday, September 9, 2014


well here we are. not only is today the 5th anniversary of me starting this little blog, but this also happens to be my 1000th post (i may have coordinated that in a little ocd moment, but who wouldn't?!)

so much has happened in my life in the last five years and i'm lucky to have it all documented here in this one place.

i've traveled from russia, to nicaragua, to thailand and explored the lower east coast to the upper west coast and everything in between. i've stayed out late, gone to bed early, and spent entire days DIYing. i got married, had a baby, visited family and lost a few people who i loved very much.

my very first post in 2009 was a polaroid of me lying outside, so it seems fitting to post this pic of chris and hazel for my 1000th post. wonder what picture i'll have to share in another five years...

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