Sunday, December 20, 2015


we're getting ready to travel for the next two weeks, which means we're missing christmas and new years eve festivities at home. while we're excited for the adventure, we didn't want to miss out on a christmas morning-like experience, so this morning we had our very own faux-mas.

that is, we treated this AM just like christmas morning would be if we were home - we woke up, opened presents in pjs and played with our new toys all afternoon and it was perfect.

possibly the best part is my amazing husband got me the camera i've been lusting over for the past forever, a fujifilm x100T. seriously, this guy is the best. with all my film issues and hatred of iphones this camera solves all my photo taking problems in the best way possible.

so thankful for having a special someone in my life who goes above and beyond to make my day (or year). and ready to add this little lady into my arsenal of cameras i love. she's a beaut.

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