Sunday, August 28, 2016


so there's a reason i've been so sluggish with posting recently - i'm decidedly taking a new approach to this blog. 

for the last seven years i've loved keeping this blog as visual diary of what i'm doing / what i'm seeing / where i'm going - and it's been a good way to keep myself taking pictures. but now with so much social media in our lives - my instagram, hazel's instagram, instagram stories, snapchat and facebook - posting on this blog isn't quite scratching that life-archiving itch that it used to. (that and i'm starting a yearly printed photo album because i'm sick of everything being digital)

what i DO still love about this format is that it keeps me thinking like a visual storyteller. wide scene setting shots, details, portraits and how they all fit together. when i post on the blog it keeps me shooting like i want to tell a mutli-photo story, which other social media outlets don't do.

anywho, this is a long way of saying i'm not going to stop posting here. 

i DO like this format and it is still special to me. but i'm throwing out the guilt of feeling like i need to post every 3-5 days like i used to. now i'm posting when i want to. when i get to it. when i'm bored. or when i have something to share. 

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