Thursday, May 5, 2011


i stumbled upon this necklace/belt in the most recent Free People magazine and decided it had to be mine. the only thing standing between me and this necklace was the hefty $198 price tag. you know what that means in christy world. DIY PROJECT!!!

after studying the picture i decided to go for it. i took a solo mission to Michaels last weekend, found all the right supplies and went to town.

a little macrame. a little beading. and voila.
sure it's a little jankier than the free people version, but it was way more fun to figure out how to make it than just buying another necklace.
oh. and waaaaaaaay cheaper.


  1. wow, that is really stunning, what a conversation piece! I like the open weave, lacy-ness to the black part of the necklace. For any of your readers looking to figure out how to macrame their own gorgeous necklaces and so forth, I wanted to post a link to my macrame blog:

    this month features a daily series on how to macrame, with step by step knot instructions, so your readers will be whipping up their own gorgeous necklaces in no time at all!

  2. Honestly...WTF. this blows my mind!!! This is fantastic. Teach me...please?? xx