Monday, December 17, 2012


i know tiger kingdom is kind of a controversial place - people claim the tigers are drugged and say how inhumane it is to keep tigers caged for tourist amusement - but we couldn't help ourselves. we had to check it out.

it may be wrong, but i'm SO GLAD WE WENT. i mean, we got to hug a 400 pound tiger. that's a bucket list item right there.

the tigers didn't seem groggy or drugged at all. sure they were hot and tired, i mean it was 95 degrees outside and they're covered in fur. but they got up and played and the laid down and it seemed pretty much the same deal as our kitties back home (our cats are laaaaazy). just way bigger and waaaay scarier.

i wish i had more pictures, but i kind of froze when confronted with squeezing a giant tiger (chris has those pictures - they'll surface sooner or later).

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