Monday, December 31, 2012


2012 was good to me. and i mean reeeeeal good
i can without a doubt say it was the best year of my life. 

i got engaged, married, AND went on a honeymoon, was promoted at work, turned 30, celebrated buddies birthdays on boats and busses, went on countless adventures with friends, traveled to LA, joshua tree, missouri, atlanta, thailand, cambodia and austin (twice), and DIY'd my little heart out.

and on top of that i wrote 200 blog posts throughout the year (yep, i counted em) documenting the whole thing.

2012 was a crazy exciting year, and there's no way i'm slowing down now

here's to health, happiness, love and new memories in 2013
happy new year friends

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  1. Happy New Year to You and Chris. Always enjoy reading your blogs and can say that I have read all 200 in 2012. Keep up the good work!